FURIOUS residents are calling for mystery scaffolding to be taken down from their homes.

Fed-up home owners who live in Port Glasgow's Brown Street say the structure suddenly appeared without warning back in March.

Four months on and the residents are demanding that the scaffolding, situated at the front of the flat between blocks 19 and 21, is removed.

Christine Polland and her neighbours who live in block 19 said the scaffolding, which goes all the way up the building, is an eyesore.

She said: "In March this year someone came along and put scaffolding up and just went away and left it there.

"It reaches up to the roof between number 19 and the close next to me which is number 21 Brown Street.

"Nobody in either close knows who put it there or even why it is there.

"As you can appreciate we are all sick of looking at it and it is becoming an eyesore.

"We would like to see the scaffolding gone."

Christine's neighbour Frank Alexander says the scafolding is also causing inconvenience.

He said: "It's blocking the pavement.

"People with prams or wheelchair users are struggling to squeeze past it."

Resident Margaret Torbett has highlighted health and safety fears.

She said: "One night last week, I couldn't believe it when I was sitting there and I saw this kid's face staring at me through my window.

"I got a fright.

"The kid had climbed up the scaffolding."

Resident Margaret Harrison told the Tele she is mystified by the scaffolding and hopes it will be removed as soon as possible.

She said: "It is not needed as there's nothing wrong with the building.

"We love living here."

Christine added: "We are at our wits end as we do not know who go to.

"There is no sign on the scaffolding.

"We have tried everything to find out who is responsible for it."