EDDIE Cairney and Avril Jones have been found guilty of the murder of Margaret Fleming.

The verdicts were announced at the High Court in Glasgow a few moments ago.

The jury took just a few hours to come to their decision.

It comes after a seven week long trial where the pair had denied killing Margaret at their isolated Seacroft home in Inverkp.

Margaret was reported missing in October 2016 after concerns were raised about her welfare following a benefits application.

A huge police search, including a forensic examination of the house where the couple claimed she lived, failed to find any trace of her.

She has not been seen for two decades.

Cairney, 77, and Jones, 59, killed her by means unknown between December 1999 and January 2000.

Jones has also been convicted of fraud by pretending to the Department for Work & Pensions that Margaret was alive and claiming benefits to the tune of over £180,000 for her.

The pair are expected to be sentenced in a few weeks time.