A FORMER provost has told Inverkip residents not to dump rubbish at recycling bins when they are full.

Ciano Rebecchi says if there are no space in recycling containers then people should instead contact the council and drive elsewhere, such as Gourock.

The councillor made the remarks after a Telegraph reader sent in a picture of overflowing bins near to the shops just off Main Street.

The lady, who wanted to remain anonymous, said that situation deteriorated over a number of days, with the rubbish steadily increasing and stacking up.

She said: "There was litter all over the pavement.

"Glass bottles had been placed outside overflowing glass bins.

"It beggars believe that the council cannot think to arrange for these large bins to be emptied on a Friday at least.

"What a tip.

"All the bins were overflowing - disgraceful."

The resident told the Tele she notified the council by sending them a picture, but no immediate action was taken.

Councillor Rebecchi says he understands the lady's frustration but believes householders have a responsibility not to make matters worse.

He said: "If the bins are full do not dump rubbish there.

"There are other recycling sites people can use at Kirn Drive and Broomberry Drive in Gourock.

"People need to flatten cardboard boxes - I saw an empty TV box dumped the other day, it's filling up the bin with nothing in it and that doesn't help.

Cllr Rebecchi has also slammed fly-tippers who he believes are responsible for the rubbish piling up.

He said: "People are fly-tipping there, dropping off various items.

"I've heard reports of a white van dumping stuff, so we need to get their registration and report them."

He says residents, councillors and the council need to work together to find a solution.

Councillor Rebecchi said: "If the current system isn't working, then we need to look at it.

"We need to help each other out."

Despite the pressure on capacity, council bosses insist their recycling containers are emptied regularly enough.

A spokesperson for Inverclyde Council said: “There are four recycling points in Inverkip and the issue here is not about the bins not being emptied often enough.

"If a bin is already full people should not leave anything at the site.

"They should take their waste to one of the other recycling points or to one of the recycling centres at Kirn Drive or Pottery Street.

"They should not simply try to cram it in or dump it beside the container where it will attract seagulls and vermin.

"This is fly-tipping, not recycling.

“Similarly if people bring their recycling in cardboard boxes these should be broken down before being put into the recycling point.

"Cardboard boxes take up a lot of space otherwise and the bin fills up much more quickly than it should.

“If any of the bottle banks or containers are full or if there is litter or illegally dumped rubbish at the site, please report it to the council on 01475 715901.”