NEWARK Primary pupils have paid a lasting tribute to their classmate Jayden Orr by writing and recording a song in his memory.

The primary seven class sang 'Jayden's Rainbow' - a song inspired by all their memories of their friend - to his mum Kathleen and family at a farewell assembly.

Jayden died nearly two years ago, aged just ten, after collapsing while ice-skating.

They youngsters hope to help his memory live on through the song, which will also raise money for the charity set up in his name.

Teachers, pupils and parents broke down as his friends sang the words 'when I see a rainbow you know I'll think of you, and even though bad things happen, the sun will always shine through'.

Primary seven class teacher Kimberley Holden, who led the project with colleague Nicola Davenport, said: "It was just so beautiful and so sad.

"The pupils wrote all their thoughts down, and with the help of West College Scotland, turned them into a song.

"It was very emotional and I am so proud of the primary sevens.

"I think was important for us to remember that Jayden's mum Kathleen was sitting at the back with all the other parents.

"We wanted her to know that we are all missing Jayden and his memory will live on."

The Orr family teamed up with the Tele to launch Show Some Heart to put defibrillators in schools and to raise awareness of the life-saving devices.

Kathleen said: "I tried my best to hold it all together, but the tears just kept coming as I listened.

"I can't thank the Newark Primary children enough for the song. They are making sure my son's name never dies.

"If everyone in Inverclyde buys the track, maybe we can get it into the charts." The 56 pupils in primary seven took part in workshops with the music production team at West College Scotland laying down the track.

The lyrics remembered a friend who, in the pupils' own words 'always saw the good'.

Jayden's classmates also painted a picture of a rainbow, with every image used to create a collage of Jayden ice-skating on the cover.

Jayden's Rainbow is on sale now and available from Amazon, Spotify and iTunes for 99p.