FAMILIES celebrated Inverclyde's special links with Africa at a party in Gourock.

Scottish-African families who have settled in the community marked Africa Day at Old Gourock and Ashton Church.

The event was organised by Fransina Guetta, originally from Namibia, along with her husband Jonathan, who was born in France to a Tunisian father and whose mother came from Gourock.

The couple have since settled in Royal Street with their two children Gabriel, five, and Rebecca, six.

Jonathan said it was fantastic to see scores of people come along to the event.

He said: "We met so many people we didn't know who are from Africa but live in Inverclyde.

"There were people from Cameroon who live in Greenock and they met another guy from Cameroon who didn't know anyone.

"He was a bit emotional to meet people from Cameroon, especially as one of the lady's had prepared traditional African food.

The day was even better than I had hoped as every person had brought some traditional African food and there was also Scottish food including tablet.

"It was a good atmosphere.

"Afterwards everyone pitched in to help clean up and we all got doggy bags with the left over food.

"Before we left the hall, we all sat down and the African parents talked about an African experience and something they missed while the kids listened.

"It was great for the kids as they were so happy to see other children of dual identity."

Jonathan said that people made friends for life at the event.

He said: "We didn't want to leave so half of the people came to my house and stayed until 10pm.

"Everyone swapped numbers so we will probably organise something next year too.

"I would like to thank the church for their excellent support."