CHILDREN in Port Glasgow crossed the finish line for the summer holidays with a successful sports day.

The annual event took place at St Michael's Primary and it was just champion.

Pupils in P7 took the lead in organising the 2019 sports day in partnership with the teaching staff and Active Schools co-ordinator Brad Cathie.

The emphasis was on ensuring all boys and girls were able to take part in each event.

Most of the games took place outside in the playground, although some had to move indoors early on due to the weather.

It proved to be an enjoyable day for all involved.

St Michael's head teacher Colette Wallace said: "The primary sevens planned the event and all the activities along with the teachers and Brad.

"Every activity allowed the children to use skills developed in PE lessons throughout the year.

"They made sure all the activities that were set up were suitable for all children, so it was completely inclusive. "Unfortunately the weather wasn't our best friend in the morning so a lot of the events had to come indoors, but that didn't spoil the fun."