A TERRIFIED woman plunged 17 feet from a window during a 'sustained and brutal' attack by her ex-boyfriend.

Kevin Wilkinson targeted the young mum after turning on her and accusing her of cheating on him.

Wilkinson, 31, of Gourock, is today facing the prospect of prison after a trial jury unanimously found him guilty of an 'appalling' assault.

A neighbour of the Greenock woman told the town's sheriff court how she saw him with his hand around her throat at the first floor window of the property near Barrs Cottage.

The witness said: "She was croaking, 'Kevin you're going to kill me'."

Another witness said she found the injured woman motionless beside a garden trampoline with her arm 'twisted up the wrong way' and her head 'covered in blood'.

Photographs showed numerous injuries, including bruising on various parts of the woman's body, marks on her arms and neck and a scar from surgery to a fractured wrist.

She also suffered a broken elbow and had to have metal plates and pins surgically inserted.

The court heard how Wilkinson turned nasty following a barbecue at his then-partner's home in June last year, during which a neighbour mentioned a male work colleague of the woman.

He repeatedly accused her of being unfaithful and began calling her vile names as she desperately tried to assure him that she hadn't, the court was told.

The assault resulted in their six-and-a-half year relationship coming to an end.

Wilkinson, of Shore Street in Gourock, had been charged with compressing the woman's throat, repeatedly threatening to kill her, striking her head off a wall multiple times, kicking her and pushing her through the window causing her to fall to the ground to her severe injury and danger of life.

However, the jury of ten men and five women rejected witness evidence and removed all of these allegations from the indictment against him.

The panel convicted Wilkinson of repeatedly punching the woman on the head, repeatedly pushing her and repeatedly causing her to fall to the ground.

They also found him guilty of spitting on a neighbour who had gone to his victim's aid.

In his closing speech, defence lawyer David Tod said: "There was an argument and they both fell out of the window.

"The police came to investigate and no-one at the time tells the officers that he's thrown her out of the window.

"Just because someone says something in court doesn't make it true."

Procurator fiscal depute Emma Jeffrey said: "This was a sustained and brutal assault."

Ms Jeffrey added: "The woman accepted that she told the police they'd had an argument and she fell out of the window.

"She didn't want to tell the police the truth at that stage because she loved him."

Sheriff Derek Hamilton deferred sentence on Wilkinson until July 23 for a background report and consideration of a non-harassment order.

The sheriff told him: "I will continue bail in the meantime but you should not take that as an indication that you will not receive a custodial sentence.

"This seems to me to have been an appalling incident of domestic violence."