A BRAVE teenager has inspired her football club to raise funds for a charity close to her heart.

Erin Stuart, 13, is battling Crohn's disease but this hasn't stopped her dedication to the beautiful game.

She is a member of Port Glasgow Juniors and her mum Marie joined Margaret Vize, secretary of the girls section, to organise a tournament in aid of the Catherine McEwan Foundation Charity.

It raised a terrific total of £655 as everyone had a ball.

Erin lives with her parents mum and dad Gordon along with her two brothers and sister in Golf Drive.

Marie, 40, said: "It was absolutely amazing to raise so much money from the one event.

"It was quite overwhelming that people took the time to come along and support the tournament."

Teams from Renfrew, Drumchapel and Morton descended on Port Glasgow Community Campus to take part in the competition.

Around 70 girls aged between six and 13 and played in the tournament.

Marie said: "We asked for donations to play and we had raffle and a tuck shop."

As well as raising funds Marie says it is important to raise awareness about the condition her daughter has.

She said: "People don't realise how ill it can make the sufferer.

"They think it's to do with your bowel but it's more complex than that, it is a chronic autoimmune condition.

"Erin can look well but sometimes she isn't - it is a chronic illness and there is no cure for it.

"It's all about managing it with her treatment.

"She is relatively well at the moment but needs daily medication, an immunosuppressant called Azathioprine daily and infusions of Infliximab every eight weeks."

But football is Erin's passion and she enjoyed watching the recent Women's World Cup on TV.

Marie said: "She loves football, that is her main thing."

Mrs Stuart has thanked Councillor Robert Moran for presenting the medals on the day and for all the support he has given to Erin.

Margaret Vize, of Port Glasgow Juniors, said: "The day went very well and we had teams from Renfrew, Drumchapel and Morton.

"All the girls had some fun and got a medal on the day.

"Well done to Erin for raising awareness for Crohn's and colitis and thanks to Councillor Moran for coming along and Hugh Scott and Inverclyde Leisure for allowing us the use of the park."

"We also want thank everyone who participated and donated prizes for the raffle, plus the janitors and Port Glasgow Juniors for donating the medals."