A GREENOCK woman who survived the Blitz and served her country during the war is still fighting fit at 100 years old.

Agnes 'Nessie' McLellan celebrated her big birthday surrounded by devoted family and friends in Kincaid House, after living on her own up until a few months ago.

She was delighted to receive her telegram from the Queen and look back on a lifetime of memories.

Her beloved grandsons also kept a promise to her by turning up in their kilts for the big day.

Sharing the secret to a long, healthy life good humoured Nessie said: "It is definitely clean living.

"I've never smoked, I didn't drink and I certainly didn't take drugs!

"I also love to cook."

Nessie was born in Dundee but moved to Greenock as a young girl with her family.

She met and married her husband Jack, a shipbuilder, and together they raised their family in Fintry Road

During the Second World War Nessie served first as a nurse in the Auxiliary Service and then as a cook for the officers locally.

Her father-in-law Bob McLellan was Greenock's fire master during the Blitz, and Nessie has vivid memories of racing through the town as part of the rescue effort.

In her 100 years Nessie has had her share of heartbreak, losing both her husband of 38 years and her son Robert, who was in his early 40s, within a short space of time.

On her 100th birthday Nessie was delighted to be joined by her son Gordon, 74, who lives in Coatbridge, and her daughter Senga, 61, who lives near Grenoble in France.

She has three grandsons - Craig, Steven and Jonathan - and a great granddaughter Robyn.

Senga said: "My mum is so independent.

"She lived in her own house in Columba Street until a few months ago until for health reasons she moved to Kincaid House.

"She is the most lovely caring mum, an inspiration to us all.

"She still loves to dance and she makes the most amazing dumpling.

"Mum has unfortunately had a a lot of sadness in her life as well. I was only 13 when we lost my dad.

"My mum used to work nighshift so that she could put me through college.

"They always wanted me to be a secretary."

Grandson Steven Boyd, an international lawyer now working in the music industry and living in Berlin, said: "I come over to stay all the time and spend hours with my nan.

"She is amazing and she has a great sense of humour - that is why we are wearing kilts today.

"At a family wedding a few years ago she made us promise to wear kilts at her 100th birthday, so here we are."

Nessie received her birthday message from the Queen from the Deputy Lord LieutenantAlan Sorensen and a bouquet of flowers from the Depute Provost David Wilson.