AN art project has been launched to look at life in Larkfield past and present.

Acclaimed artist Alec Galloway has been commissioned by Youth Connections in Burns Square to run two weeks of workshops.

The aim of the initiative is to create a mural for the centre based on the experiences of local people.

Alec has been joined by his partner Louise Wylie on the project which is open to all local children.

He said: "I've been commissioned by Youth Connections in Larkfield to work with kids to create a new mural for the centre.

"It will be a painting and collage - in the first few days we have been getting the kids to talk about about Larkfield so the painting reflects the whole community.

"The kids have been great, telling us what it is like to live in Larkfield and stories about day-to-day life.

"Some elderly members of the community have also popped in and have talked about their experiences and we want the mural to be part of that."

At the moment kids are coming up with ideas and as the project develops a frieze take shape on the wall.

The area has happy memories for Alec as a child as he often played with his cousins there during the holidays.

He said: "We are looking at the beginnings of Larkfield after the war and people moving here.

"People felt they were moving to the countryside and had great views over the hills.

"I had aunts and uncles who lived here and still do, many families had gardens for the first time, back and front doors and inside loos.

"I came here to play with my cousins in the school holidays.

"It was all about the outdoors and fresh air, there seemed to be loads of kids all out in the streets playing.

"A lot of people I know now were kids I grew up with and played with when I was a boy."

Emma McKirdy, 12, is one of the young people involved in the art programme.

She said: "It's a good idea. Originally it was for ages between eight and 16 but them we thought it would be good to speak to people with a bit more experience and we've asked older people for their ideas.

"I like living in Larkfield, it's like one huge family."

The sessions from 10am until 3pm until 19 July.