TELEVISIONS and other bulky items have been found dumped at one of Greenock's busiest beauty spots.

The items were part of a haul of rubbish collected at the Murdieston Dam area over the weekend in a clear-up which was led by local MP Ronnie Cowan and MSP Stuart McMillan.

They were joined by their SNP colleague Councillor Jim McEleny and other volunteers to tidy the idyllic spot and were dismayed by the extent of what they recovered, including one huge flatscreen TV, other large items and enough rubbish to fill several bin bags.

Mr Cowan said: “It was disappointing to find such a significant amount of litter in the area.

"This included bulky items that had been dumped, including TVs, antennas and garden equipment.

"A large amount of broken glass was also collected and I would ask that all users of the park do so respectfully, particularly as it’s a placed used by children."

Although the dam area is well served for refuse bins, local residents told the clear-up crew that there is a particular problem with school pupils thoughtlessly throwing their litter away after buying takeaway food during their lunch breaks.

Mr McMillan said: “From speaking to local residents walking in Murdieston Dam during the litter pick, it would seem that school kids are dropping their food packaging and plastic cutlery instead of waiting to find a bin."

The MSP says that even people who come to feed the ducks in the dam are contributing to the mess.

He said: “We came across some common items - bread bags and polystyrene packaging.

“People are coming to feed the ducks bread – which is no longer advised, as bread is bad for them – and are leaving behind the plastic bread bags.

"This is ridiculous given the number of bins in the area and that bread bags can now be recycled at various supermarkets.

“Polystyrene packaging is bad for the environment, bad for the animals and brings down the appearance of our green spaces."

Mr McMillan has issued a plea for people to show more respect for the dam and surrounding areas.

He told the Tele: "I’d encourage everyone, no matter where you are to hold onto your litter until you find a bin or go home to dispose of it.

"We must all take responsibility for keeping Scotland litter-free.”