A HARD-WORKING volunteer enjoyed a day off to receive an MBE from The Queen at Holyrood Palace.

Jackie McKelvie, vice-chairperson, of Oak Tree Housing Association said it was a 'unique privilege'

The 57-year-old was joined by her husband Clarke, son Laurie, 29, and mum Davina Kerr at the prestigious event.

Jackie, of Gourock, said: "It was great. I can't tell you how special it was, it was amazing.

"There were 65 of us and we were all greeted by different uniforms, then they separated all the recipients into dining room and the guests into the the grand hall where there are pictures of all the kings and queens.

"Then we took instructions from the equerries, who gave us guidance. It was surprising how nervous you are.

"We had to take three paces forward, turn and curtsey and walk to Her Majesty."

Jackie said she was so nervous that some of her conversation was a blur.

She said: "My son was sitting in the front row and he say he could actually see my heart beating."

The Queen was very nice, it was very weird shaking the hand of someone that has been there for all of your life, that's been on TV and everyone knows.

"She was very interested in social housing and I told her I was a voluntary committee member and we had a lot of assets.

"It's all a bit of a blur but you can get a video sent out which will remind me of what I looked like when I was there.

"It was a unique privilege to be recognised like that, it is also for the rest of the committee members.

"As a committee you make important decisions about money and the community and do it voluntarily to support the community, it's not just for me but for everyone's hard work.

"My mum is 81, I don't think she could have coped with London but she really enjoyed it.

"There were all the guardsmen in their beefeater hats, it was as if they moved the whole show up to Holyrood for a week."