THREE youngsters were so shocked by litter mounting up at their local park that they took matters into their own hands to clean the mess up.

Brothers Finlay Ferns, seven, and Jonas Jackson, two, along with their nine-year-old cousin Darcy McKenzie, took an hour and a half out of their summer holidays to clean up Rankin Park.

The trio from Branchton, who visit the park every day, noticed the mess piling up over the summer holidays and decided to take action.

Armed with bin bags, gloves and a determination to make a difference, they filled seven bags with rubbish such as discarded bottles, crisp packets, takeaway boxes and energy drinks.

Fiona Jackson, 36, Finlay and Jonas' mum, says she is proud of the children.

She said: “We go to the park every day to walk the dog and there is never usually any litter at all.

“Since the summer started the park has been busy and people have just been leaving their rubbish, even though there are bins.

“The amount of litter was atrocious and the children were shocked to see it left behind.

“Finlay and Darcy go to Ardgowan Primary and have been learning about the impact litter can have on animals and the environment and they wanted to help.

“I thought it was amazing that they decided on their own that they wanted to help.

“I think they fact they have been learning about ways to look after the environment in school is great and I hope that other children will follow suit and help keep their local area nice.”