A RESCUE dog who requires ongoing medical care has been given a second chance by a Greenock couple.

Brian Burt, 77, and his wife Sadie, 67, have fostered nine-year-old Lurcher Poppy from Royalheart Greyhound Rescue in Langbank.

Brian, who has been a volunteer at the rescue centre for the last 12 years, agreed to foster Poppy when she fell ill as it was thought she might recover better in a home environment.

Poppy collapsed in her kennel and owner Rachel Anderson wasn’t able to get her to move.

After trips to the vet and the Vet School in Glasgow, she was diagnosed with polyarthritis, which causes pain, stiffness and lameness.

A fundraising page was set up to help cover the costs of her treatment as costs soared.

Rachel Anderson, who runs the rescue centre, said: “People have been incredibly kind and generous in supporting Poppy.

"Her condition is a bit unusual and I think people felt for her because she didn’t have a home to call her own.

“Her treatment had a huge impact on our finances.

"We had to put up £2,500 straight away for her to be seen at Glasgow Vet School and we are lucky if we have that amount in the bank at any given time.

“We appreciate they offer some of the best specialists and world class equipment and facilities that money can buy and they kindly refunded almost £500 which was very good of them.

“It was estimated that her treatment would cost £5,000 in total and I think we have already spent around £3,000.”

Despite knowing of the ongoing costs Brian and Sadie didn’t hesitate in taking Poppy in.

Brian said: “Poppy was a very active dog in her kennel and run and she used to jump up and hit her head on the roof. She had been in the kennels for over two years but because of her being very active jumping about she has never found her forever home.

“After she was found one morning unable to stand it was thought that she would recover better in a home with someone she knew and trusted. I immediately said I would do it and she has settled in great with my male lurcher Diesel.

“She has been making great progress and has been getting regular treatment at the Glasgow University Vet Hospital.

“The costs are ongoing but the love of a dog is priceless.”

Donations to Poppy's appeal can be made online at https://bit.ly/2KcCoqz