A TRAUMATISED female doctor has told how she felt 'perved on' by a Bulgarian man accused of carrying out a disgusting sexual act whilst staring at her on board a train.

Mihail Iliev is said to have repeatedly intimidated the young woman during a Gourock-bound journey before switching seats 'to get a clearer view' of her.

A trial heard how she was 'fearful' about what Iliev, 32, might do next and felt compelled to move to another part of the carriage, where more passengers were, in order to feel safe.

The medic told Greenock Sheriff Court: "He was looking at me up and down.

"I felt like I was being perved on and I immediately began feeling uncomfortable."

The court heard how Iliev sat at seats directly in front of the woman with his back to her but kept turning round and looking at her.

She said: "He got up and sat in another seat so that he could see me better. I felt like it was to get a clearer view of me.

"That's when I noticed he was touching himself inappropriately and that's when I felt way too uncomfortable and intimidated.

"It looked like he was rubbing his private parts over his clothes and about to put his hand inside his trousers whilst staring at me."

The doctor added: "I was petrified, given especially that it was the middle of the day and that no-one else on the train could see how he was behaving.

"He scared me because it looked like he had a confidence about him.

"I was scared about what he might do, so that's why I moved.

"The overriding thing for me was fear.

"As soon as I clocked what he was doing I moved."

She added: "The way he was looking at me was highly suggestive."

Both Iliev and the doctor were travelling on the 11.55am service from Glasgow Central on May 22 and only one other passenger was in their section of the carriage — and he had his back to them, the court was told.

CCTV footage lasting more than 20 minutes, which is said to show the alleged incident, was played to the court and shows Iliev moving several times to various seats.

At one point he is seen to be touching his groin area and glancing across at another passenger.

Prosecutor Lindy Scaife asked the doctor: "Was the accused looking at you whilst carrying out this rubbing act?"

The medic replied: "Yes."

She added: "I texted my boyfriend to meet me at the station because I was feeling rather worried."

Iliev got off the train at Port Glasgow and the doctor reported him to police after alighting at a stop further down the line.

Defence lawyer Edward Sweeney put it to her that it was a matter of agreed fact that Iliev has a skin condition 'in his genital area'.

Mr Sweeney said: "I suggest that you've interpreted this in a certain way and simply got it wrong, that you have put two-and-two together and come up with five."

The doctor replied firmly: "I would absolutely disagree with that."

She added: "I felt like he was receiving some sort of sexual gratification.

"I think 'interpretation' seems a bit of a soft word — I'd say this was quite a traumatic experience for me and I have felt uncomfortable on trains since."

Iliev, who moved from Bulgaria to Port Glasgow in April, denies the allegation against him.

The trial, before Sheriff Andrew McIntyre, is due to continue on August 21.