MEMBERS of the public got to meet the latest arrivals at the Falconry Centre at Finlaystone Country Estate recently.

Hootenany Birds of Prey sanctuary is a social enterprise run by volunteers and takes in rescue birds and those that people no longer want or are unable to care for.

Many of the volunteers have a disability and use caring for the birds as a way to build their confidence to get into work, to help with anxiety or mental health concerns.

The volunteers took on an American Kestrel named Ripley, who is three-weeks-old, and now also care for an Abyssinian Eagle Owl named Rosie, who is two-weeks-old.

They have also rescued two other birds from a falconry centre that recently closed down.

The centre now cares for 31 birds and the centre is looking to expand to accommodate even more.

Head falconer Donna Pickett said: “We are always looking for help with supplies to build new aviaries, sponsorship of birds and donations to help build bigger aviaries and maintain them.

“We hope that by offering homes to birds that no one wants or can’t be returned to the wild we help kids to see how amazing their world is.”