GLOBETROTTING Greenock scouts have enjoyed a 'once in a lifetime' experience at the World Scout Jamboree in America.

Four scouts - Martha Payne, Zoe Renfrew, Lauren Rodgers and Paris Grierson - told the Tele of their excitement at joining 45,000 counterparts from across the world at a huge international camp in West Virginia.

During their time at the campsite, which is the same size as the city of Dundee, the young people had the chance to learn new skills that they can use in other aspects of their life.

They also learned about different cultures from around the world.

Paris Grierson, 17, from Greenock said: “Meeting people from other cultures at the jamboree has taught me not to judge people too quickly.

"You don’t know what someone is like until you speak to them."

Fellow scout Lauren, from Greenock, said the jamboree has been an amazing experience which has allowed her to meet new friends from other countries.

The 17-year-old said: "We are camping next to scouts from Denmark and Canada.

"I’ve learned that there are ways to communicate despite the language barrier."

The event was opened by UK Chief Scout Bear Grylls.

He said: "The 2019 Jamboree, jointly hosted by the USA, Canada and Mexico, is one of the biggest and most exciting yet.

"The theme is ”Unlock a new world” – focusing especially on how we can create a sustainable world together."

The jamboree finished on Friday, with the Inverclyde representatives now home and ready to tell their fellow group members about their adventure.