A WIDOW who lost her husband to mouth cancer is now bravely battling the same disease.

Caroline McCahill, 38, lost her dad, John in 2004 to the condition when he was 60.

In May her mum Julia, who is 70, was also diagnosed with it and she is now undergoing treatment.

Caroline, from Port Glasgow, said: “I lost my dad when I was only 24 and it was tough.

“Mum was diagnosed earlier this year and it is worrying.

"Cancer is never a nice thing to hear but we are a really close and pragmatic family and we get through things together with humour.

"We are trying to remain positive.”

Caroline and her family benefited from the help and support of staff at the Beatson Hospital and Macmillan Cancer Support when her dad was ill.

Now, with her mum now receiving the same care, she is keen to do something practical to help both organisations.

Caroline said: “My dad received treatment and support from staff at the Beatson and Macmillan and they went above and beyond to help him and the family.

“We are only now starting to deal with Macmillan with mum and she has had great support from staff at the Beatson already.

"They admitted her to do checks which they could have done at home and doctors and nurses have been in touch since to see how she is doing.

“They've gone above and beyond not only to help mum but also to be there to support the family.

"They are so understanding.”

Caroline, along with the support of her sister Stephanie Paton and brother Mark organised a fundraiser to give back to the organisations that have helped to support them.

She said: “Both the Beatson and Macmillan Cancer Support have been so great with us I just wanted to do something to show our appreciation and help raise some money so they can continue to help others.”

Caroline admits the event helped take her mind off things at a difficult time.

She said: "The fundraiser but it has given me something positive to focus on.

“I would like to thank the Upper Port Glasgow Social Club who gave us the venue for free, all the local businesses who helped and gave their support and everyone who donated prizes or money.

"We really appreciate it.”