A TEENAGER has been jailed after throwing a bottle at a man's face during an alcohol fuelled attack in Greenock's town centre.

Sheriff Derek Hamilton told Michael Duffy, 18, of William Street, that there was no alternative to prison as he sentenced him to nine months.

Duffy admitted leaving an 18-year-old with severe injuries and in need of hospital treatment following a disturbance in nearby Cathcart Square, pictured.

His co-accused Jordan Marshall, also 18 - who claimed to have taken 50 valium tablets on the day of the incident - admitted smashing car windows and abusing police officers at the hospital.

He avoided a prison term.

Prosecutor David Glancy told the sheriff court that the disturbance on Saturday May 25 was sparked when Marshall was challenged over damage to cars and Duffy then arrived on the scene and got involved.

He said: "The victim started to walk away to defuse the situation.

"But Mr Duffy came down to street level and struck him on the face with a bottle.

"The victim walked on and he was removed by ambulance and taken to the hospital.

"He need stitching and is left with a permanent disfigurement."

The court heard that in the run up to the assault Marshall, of Balloch Road, who also pleaded guilty, had damaged the windows of two vehicles.

Fiscal depute Mr Glancy added: "He told officers he had taken 50 valium tablets and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

"While there he became abusive and made racial remarks."

Duffy's defence lawyer David Tod said: "He had been drinking alcohol and taken valium.

"He is very sorry for what has happened but knows that will be of no comfort.

"He is simply facing up to his responsibilities."

Marshall's lawyer Gerry Keenan told the court that his client had no recollection of events.

He added: "He had been taking a significant proportion of the controlled drug but that doesn't excuse his behaviour."

Marshall was warned by Sheriff Hamilton he was now in the 'big boy court' and was sentenced to 150 hours on a community payback order, and a restriction of liberty order for 12 hours a day between the hours of 5pm and 5am for six months.