A COUPLE who moved into a brand new family home two years ago say their garden is a swamp they have never been able to use.

Alan Jack, 31, and his fiancee Natalie Brown, 25, spent years saving up to buy their forever home, a new build Merchant Homes property in Gourock's Kirn Gardens which cost them around £150,000 through the government's Help to Buy scheme.

The young couple expected some teething problems but almost two years after moving in are still left with a sodden garden they are unable to use.

Natalie said that despite reassurances the property did not have the drainage she was told it would - and the garden has been permanently flooded as the water has nowhere to go.

Natalie said: “One of the first questions I asked was about drainage and I was told there would be a drain running through the estate, but apparently it doesn’t run the whole length.

“Our garden is constantly flooded.

"Even after two weeks of sunshine we still had puddles in the garden.

"I need to wear welly boots to put out the washing and we can’t let the dog on the grass because he keeps getting ill.

“We expected to have a few small issues with the property but we didn’t expect to still be trying to get them fixed almost two years later.

"We saved up for this property and it was meant to be our forever family home.

"If it isn’t fixed we might need to consider moving.”

In a bid to resolve the problem the couple extended the patio, hoping this would allow them to properly enjoy their new property's outdoor space.

The couple, who are saving up to get married, spent an additional £1,900 on the extension and putting new turf in the garden, to no avail.

They are unhappy with the response they have received from housebuilders Merchant Homes.

Natalie said: “We have been in contact with the company and went through all the proper channels but we don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

“They installed a line of drainage at the bottom of the garden but it hasn’t helped and the grass is still waterlogged.

“It is frustrating and we feel like we are being passed about and fobbed off.

“We knew we would need to give them time to fix it but it has been almost two years.

"Inside the house is lovely and any issues we have had have been fixed quickly.

"They would be getting a brilliant report from us if it wasn’t for the garden.

“We just want to be able to enjoy the space in the summer and let the dog out, and at the moment we can’t.”

The couple have had visits from Merchant staff and are also awaiting results from environmental health on the water.

A spokesperson for Merchant Homes said: “We are aware of the concerns raised by Mr Jack and had our construction director and landscaper visiting the property to investigate.

“Following the visit, we will implement the further drainage works that are needed to remedy the situation.”