DOGS who visit Cardwell Garden Centre with their owners are now also able to tuck into a tasty treat.

The centre near Gourock now allows visitors to being their dogs in with them if they keep them on a lead.

The dog owners can also buy their pets their own special canine ice cream.

It contains supplements to help keep joints strong, Omega 3 oil for a glossy coat, Vitamin C for the immune system and Curcumin which is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Cardwell staff member Faye Gillies took her pet Labradoodle Luna along to try out the new treat and reckons it’s perfect for pooches.

Paul Carmichael, general manager, said: “We’ve always allowed assistance dogs into the centre, but over the past while we’ve had more and more visitors asking if they can bring their pet dogs into the garden centre along with them.

“So long as the dogs are kept on a lead and they aren’t brought into the restaurant or food hall, the pooches will be made very welcome.

“We’ll even provide a bowl of drinking water for the dogs on request and of course, we’re now stocking tubs of the specially-made ice cream for dogs as a treat for the pets.”