AN inspirational Gourock teenager is celebrating top marks in her exams - despite missing most of the school year for cancer treatment.

Molly Cuddihy, 17, battled the odds to secure As for English, French and Spanish - the three Highers she was able to sit due to her circumstances.

It is a remarkable achievement given the Clydeview Academy pupil's last normal day at school was in January 2018 and she did not return to class until March this year, just weeks before the exams.

Molly, who lives in Doune Gardens, studied independently during a long spell in hospital receiving treatment for a rare type of bone cancer, metastatic Ewing's sarcoma, and fighting off a deadly infection.

After achieving top marks in her National 5s last year whilst seriously ill, the bright student is now celebrating superb results in her Highers.

Molly, who is in remission, said: "The fact I was even sitting them was the main thing. "I'm really pleased with the results.

"I started crying when they came through."

The Clydeview pupil paid tribute to her teachers for their help and support, particularly head of languages, Lisa Hanna.

Molly said: "She was brilliant and did anything she could to get me my As. "The head of English also came to the hospital and gave me everything both this year and last year.

"They have been incredible."

Molly could not sit her science exams because she was unable to do experiments due to the risk of a reaction, but ploughed on with the coursework, which she successfully passed.

It sets her up nicely for sixth year to do Highers in chemistry, a 'crash' course in physics, and Advanced Highers in biology and maths.

She has her sights set on pursuing a career in medicine and has just returned from a two-week summer school course at the prestigious Cambridge University where she achieved two A+ scores in tests on the subject. Molly said: "I was never focused on being unwell if I had school. "I was set on studying medicine, that was the drive for me."

* Molly and her family have been supported by the Teenage Cancer Trust having been treated at the charity's unit within the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow.

They are backing TCT's new 'results redefined' campaign to support other young people whose education has also been disrupted by cancer.

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