A GOUROCK resident has hit out a housing bosses for failing to demolish 'dangerous' derelict garages.

The woman says she has been complaining about the problem to River Clyde Homes for almost four years and nothing has been done.

The run-down outbuildings are on land owned by River Clyde Homes in Burnside Road.

The woman who has lived in the street for many years says River Clyde Homes is failing in its legal duty to pursue people who have left their property in a derelict condition.

She said: "There are several garages on RCH land which are in a derelict and dangerous condition.

"The garages in question are close to a school and their pupils.

"One of the doors of a garage had fallen off and was lying open and was repaired by River Clyde Homes and fell off again and was sealed up."

She says owners are legally obliged to maintain their garage and if not RCH has a legal duty to contact owners and set a time limit for them to carry out repairs or run the risk of a demolition order.

She said: "The council owned the land and then it was transferred to River Clyde Homes.

"I think they've lost track of who owns the garages."

The Telegraph visited the street and saw several run-down garages including one that was no more than a metal framework shell.

The local resident we spoke to said owners of garages in a similar condition in Kirn Drive were served notices and the buildings have since been demolished and cleared.

She added: "It's just the length of time that it's been going on.

"We are looking for some sort of resolution."

Jonathan Grant, head of assets and business growth with River Clyde Homes, told the Telegraph: "RCH is aware of the situation regarding outstanding repairs to some garages in Burnside Road and is continuing to engage with tenants to ensure they meet their responsibilities.”