WORK to repair an 'eyesore' Gourock building earmarked for a burger bar should begin soon, fed-up residents have been told.

Planning permission was approved back in June for a BRGR restaurant on the ground floor of an empty listed tenement building on the corner of John Street and Shore Street.

Structural repairs are required but there has been no progress on the site.

This week, one resident demanded immediate improvement work, prompting reassurances from architects that the repairs are due to begin soon.

The resident, who did not want to be named, said: "The building is a mess.

"There has been steel barriers and traffic cones there since May 2018.

"It is a disgrace - an absolute eyesore.

"There is a lovely memorial garden across the road and the opposite looks like Beirut.

"There is no pavement to walk on at that part of the street, not to mention the fact it is taking up parking spaces.

"Someone needs to get it sorted soon."

Richard Robb, managing director and principal architect at Richard Robb Architects, who have been engaged by BRGR, said work to improve the building should begin shortly.

Planning and building warrants are in places and Mr Robb the majority of owners in the block have paid their share of the tendered works.

He said: "We are waiting for all the owners to contribute and it's looking like that will happen soon.

"We are just waiting on a couple of owners and hopefully that will happen soon."

Mr Robb acknowledged the resident's concern that there has been a reduction in parking spaces.

But added: "A pavement has been created by the barriers re-routing it."

Mr Robb said that a statutory repairs notice had been served on the building by Inverclyde Council.

He said: "We are keen to see something happen as soon as possible.

"The burger restaurant has now got planning permission.

"Building warrants and listed building consents are in place to allow for the essential remedial work to commence.

"We are only the architect and we are not paying for it.

"It's up to the owners to put their shares in to let the work start which most have and a couple haven't."