A LOUT spat disgusting foul-mouthed abuse at a sheriff after being hauled into court for breaching a tagging order — and was LET OFF.

Jordan Marshall shouted at Sheriff Linda Smith, calling her a 'speccy wee hound' and 'a rat' in a tirade that caused his mother to burst into tears.

Marshall, 18, had twice cut off his tag since being placed on a night-time 5pm-5am home curfew last month for vandalising cars and causing a racially aggravated hospital disturbance.

But despite his outrageous behaviour in the dock and disregard for the court order, he has been allowed to walk free on bail — and his tagging punishment has been cancelled.

Marshall could be heard swearing as he was being led to the courtroom in handcuffs by custody officers and he continued with his foul language after the sheriff told him to be quiet.

He erupted in anger and began shouting and swearing at her, branding the court a 'joke', when she ordered him to be returned to the cells until he calmed down.

Marshall's mother darted outside from the public gallery weeping and was comforted by another woman who was with her.

When the matter eventually recalled, beyond the normal court closing time of 4pm, defence lawyer Gerry Keenan said his client has 'substantial mental health problems'.

Mr Keenan added: "His reprehensible behaviour beforehand may have its roots in that."

The solicitor said: "Mr Marshall is simply not complying, and is not willing to comply, with the 5pm to 5am curfew.

"He contacted me last week to say that he'd simply prefer to go to custody."

Marshall, of Balloch Road in Greenock, was placed on the tag for smashing the windows of parked cars in Watt Place.

He later behaved in a threatening or abusive manner at Inverclyde Royal Hospital by shouting, swearing, threatening police officers with violence and making racial remarks.

Marshall was also given unpaid work and supervision which he has been complying with.

Sheriff Smith decided not to take any action over his courtroom rants and said that sending him to detention was 'not in his interests'.

She revoked the tagging restriction and deferred sentence on him for flouting it until a community payback review hearing on September 26.

Marshall was placed on bail until then.