A SCOUT group that has been running for more than 100 years could fold due to a lack of leaders.

There are fears that Kilmacolm Scout Group may not survive beyond October if volunteers do not come forward.

Group scout leader Stuart Wilson says it would be heartbreaking if the local troop was to close.

He told the Telegraph: "I would be devastated if we had to close.

"We are due to celebrate our centenary in 2021 and have never had to close a section before."

Stuart says the shortage of leaders is ironic as more young people than ever want to join the scouts.

He said: "It is very popular and we provide an excellent programme for the young people.

"In the last few weeks we have had Scouts from Kilmacolm in Invertrossachs, Kirkcaldy and even the rainforests of Malaysia.

"In all of these places they had experiences that they will remember for the rest of their lives and learned new skills.

"We have record numbers of young people wanting to take part and 100 people coming along to the hall over Tuesday and Wednesdays and Fridays, but if we don't get the adult leaders we won't be able to provide these wonderful opportunities for them as a group.

"We are at a critical stage - we need a scout leader, two cub leaders and three beavers leaders, or we will have to close.

"It could be by the October holidays."

Stuart has been involved in the group for 10 years and for the last three years he has served as group leader .

He says it has been a hugely rewarding experience.

He told the Tele: "I think people are busy in their lives and although they want something for their kids to do, they expect someone else to do it.

"They say they are too busy or they don't have the skills to do it.

"All the leaders are busy in their personal and professional lives but you find the time to do it.

"The benefit you get as a leader is just as much as being a scout.

"All the training and support is provided by the Scout Association - you get training in all sorts from cooking, building things to rafting.

"There are strict ratio rules between adults and children and we can't open a section unless we have enough leaders."

Sections start at the six-years-old age group with the Beavers and are open right up to explorer scouts at 18.

Stuart said: "I think more than ever these days with kids sitting behind tablets or on phones, parents see the benefits of learning practical skills and the outdoors, from changing a tyre to reading the stars and using a map and compass, skills that parents and grandparents learned themselves.

"Most of the existing leaders have been in place for many years and have seen their own kids grow through the Scout movement and then move on.

"Now it is time for new blood and if you value the excellent skills for life that your son or daughter will achieve through scouting then we need you to step up to the plate and support the group.

"The reason our current crop of leaders have been doing it so long, is that they enjoy it so much.

"But we can’t continue without new people."

"It’s an excellent, fun and enjoyable experience to be a leader in scouting – as well as being worthwhile and helpful to the community.

* If anyone can help save the group, they should email Stuart on GSL42nd@outlook.com or speak to a leader.