THERE will be more foot-stomping, singing, cheering and dancing than ever before at this year’s Millport Country Music Festival extravaganza.

Organisers have pulled out all the stops to host the greatest line-up ever with 50 live shows at the Garrison grounds from Friday August 30 to Sunday September 1.

In recent years, the little festival with the big heart has attracted top bands from the UK and the USA to the magical surroundings of Millport - and yet again has pushed the boat out to attract the cream of the industry.

One of the leading names - American songwriter and performer Cam, pictured, - is headlining on Saturday, having reached number two on the Country Music USA Charts.

The Californian based singer is a Grammy Award-nominated multi-platinum headliner.

The singer and songwriter carries on traditions of Nashville storytelling spiked with a fresh spirit of empowerment and ‘quaked country to its core’ on her 2015 full-length debut, Untamed.

To this day, 2016’s “Burning House” remains the “highest-selling song by a female country artist since its release Gavin Chittick, who runs the festival, told the News: “Everyone was raving about the high standard of last year’s festival but I can promise that this year’s is going to be even better as we celebrate the 25th anniversary.

“We network all year round and get to a lot of gigs and build up a network of contacts of various agencies and we know a lot of the artists who we have seen perform live so we know exactly what we are getting - and this year is very exciting.

“We invest a lot of time and effort into communication with the artistes, and Millport’s profile as a country music venue has gone supersonic in recent years.

“This year we had 250 applications to play at the festival from artistes all around the world. We have stepped up the quality of the acts and getting the likes of Cam and American Young to headline the event is massive.

“We are trying our hardest to take Millport on to another level and hopefully we will be supported by the paying public.”