A PROUD pensioner cried tears of joy as her great grandchildren started primary one - 86 years after she started at the same school.

Margaret Findlay was bursting with pride as she watched her great grandchildren Lily McCall and Anna Brown skip through the gates of St John's for the first time.

It was an emotional moment for the 91-year-old who made the same journey back in 1933, just a few years after the school opened.

Margaret, who was born and bred in Port Glasgow but now stays in Kilmacolm, said: "There were tears in my eyes.

"It was lovely to see Lily and Anna start school."

Lily's parents Laura and Andrew McCall said it was a very special moment for the whole family to share.

Laura, who is Margaret's granddaughter, said: "It was so nice to see the wee ones going to school with their great gran on their first day."

Andrew added: "I'm so proud of them and it's nice that their great gran was there to see it."

Attending St John's Primary is part of the family tradition for cousins Lily, four, and Anna, five.

Laura, who lives in Kingston Dock, said: "Andrew went to St John's and so did his mum Linda and my gran went there, so that's four generations."

Equally as proud was Laura's sister Maria Brown and her husband Kevin who are parents to Anna.