A TALENTED teenage dance star has seen off thousands of rivals to be headhunted for a major sponsorship deal.

Sophie Lynch was thrilled when Adrenaline Costumes said they wanted to dress her for all her upcoming competitions.

The 15-year-old trains in freestyle and slow dance at Lauren Hair's Pointe Perfect.

She said: "I'm overwhelmed - it's amazing.

"Dancing is something that I love doing and I've made lots of new friends through it.

"I've also had so many opportunities."

Her dance teacher Lauren said Sophie, a pupil at Port Glasgow High School, was hand-picked for the sponsorship.

She said: "This is an amazing opportunity for Sophie.

"Out of all the thousands of kids who attend the competitions, they spotted Sophie and decided that she is perfect for them.

"It's a pretty big deal."

Lauren says to be scouted by such a respected costume company proves how talented Sophie is.

She said: "They don't take these sponsorship deals lightly.

"They've followed Sophie for a while and it's not just down to dance, a major part of it is how professional you are on the circuit and if you're a nice person.

"Sophie is one of the sweetest girls and she really deserves this opportunity."

Sophie's mum Gillian Boyland said Sophie's interest in dancing happened suddenly and she fell in love with it instantly.

She said: "Sophie has only been dancing for just over two years.

"Her big sister used to dance but Sophie didn't want to, she preferred to play football.

"When she decided she wanted to dance at the age of 13, it was a bit of a shock.

"Now she dances all the time - she would be in the studio 24/7 if she could."