A PORT family say they are living in fear of a towering 180-year-old tree in their front garden.

Kathleen Orr was horrified when branches from the 40-foot oak came crashing down and smashed into her wall.

She says pleas to River Clyde Homes to take action have been rebuffed, with an inspector reassuring her it was safe.

But Kathleen disagrees and fears that unless they take action soon the tree could tumble and kill someone.

Kathleen, of Northfield Avenue, 43, said: "It is not safe.

"Anyone can see that.

"They told me there is no budget to deal with trees and said if anything happened I would need to claim my house insurance.

"Our neighbours are really concerned about it as well.

"We even move our cars when it is windy.

"Branches fall off all the time and it looks unsafe.

"I really think River Clyde Homes need to do something."

Kathleen says she worries for the safety of herself, husband John, her 22-year-old daughter Kerri and son Declan, 19.

She added: "When the wind blows at night you worry about what is going to happen.

"We recently came home from holiday to find a big branch in the garden and the wall damaged.

"But we can't just go taking trees down."

However River Clyde Homes say the tree is the responsibility of tenants.

Julie Allison, service improvement manager at RCH, said: “While we sympathise with Mrs Orr’s situation, the tenancy agreement states clearly that tenants are responsible for the maintenance of their garden ground and are expected to take appropriate steps to ensure that everything within their garden is maintained regularly.

"This includes the maintenance of trees, hedges and flower beds.

"Given that Ms Orr has lived in her home since 1989, the inspector has issued the correct advice; as the tree is the tenant’s responsibility.

“As per the tenancy agreement, RCH has no liability for this tree or any damage it causes and Ms Orr should take immediate action to reduce or remove it.”