A GREENOCK man has accused housing bosses of ignoring pleas to deal with eyesore weeds and overgrown grass and trees.

Robert Adams says he complains to River Clyde Homes every six weeks but nothing gets done.

The 47-year-old lives in Neil Street and is not happy about the length of grass at the side of the building and neglected lanes and paths.

He said: "Nature is taking the land back due to their lack of maintenance in the area.

"The grass is at least 18 inches long and weeds are growing out of the roads, kerbs and pavements at an alarming rate.

"I moved in here in 2003 when Inverclyde Council were responsible, then it was River Clyde Homes.

"When the council was in charge it was done properly - even the two years Land Engineering had the contract it was done better than the job RCH are doing."

Robert says the grass should be cut every three weeks but told the Tele it hasn't been touched since the second week in July.

He said: "There are three gardens at the gable end of 1, 25 and 39, where I live, that haven't been de-weeded in several years.

"They are now wild weed gardens.

"It's an eyesore and can cause dampness inside the house with vegetation growing at the side of the wall.

"The trees are overgrowing and hanging well over the road and some are overhanging the footpaths, making them dangerous for pedestrians.

"I was told 20 months ago the trees outside 35, 37 and 39 Neil Street would be trimmed back but that has failed to happen.

"I've got branches overhanging and touching my roof, which can cause moss.

"I contact RCH every six weeks and they say they will pass onto to the management department, but they don't get back to me.

"They're either incompetent or just don't care."

Mr Adams says a communal path that runs at the side of the terraced row where he stays is badly overgrown with weeds and collapsing slabs.

He has also complained about the public lanes between 39 Neil Street and 25 Sutherland Road, saying they are full of moss and weeds and have handrails which are 'falling to bits with rust'.

He claims one neighbour who complained about the slabs was told to get them fixed through their building insurance.

Robert said: "These paths are not on our title deeds, they are communal and are a right of way."

River Clyde Homes have said sorry over the lack of upkeep.

A spokesperson said: “We apologise to all our customers that we are behind schedule with grounds maintenance works this year and are making every effort to catch up on the programme.

"We have employed additional staff and purchased more equipment to ensure that we bring communal areas in neighbourhoods to the standard that residents have come to expect.”