A YOUNG Greenock man who bravely spoke out about his mental health problems has now raised more than £1,000 to help others.

Lewis McGachy, 22, who suffers from anxiety, recognised that the support he received was vital and decided to do his bit to ensure it is available for other people.

He teamed up with the local branch of the SamH charity to organise a sponsored walk in Greenock which took place at the weekend.

After overcoming his anxiety to organise the event, Lewis was over the moon to see it run so successfully.

He was joined on the day by 19 others while many who couldn’t make the walk took time to donate.

The event raised £1,258 which will go to SamH and be kept in Inverclyde to support local people.

Lewis said: “I am delighted with how it all went.

"I just took it one step at a time from getting in touch with SamH, to opening a JustGiving page and raising money.

“All the assistance and support from the local SamH team has been first class.

“It was a great day for the walk, which played a massive part in how much everyone enjoyed it.

“I think it will help to promote awareness of mental health and I hope that people know that they are never alone and that there is support all around them.

“When I was walking and I was looking at all my friends and family walking in front of me it was really moving to know they were there to show their support.

“The number of people speaking out about mental health has been absolutely overwhelming.

"I have had people messaging me privately and even stopping to talk to me in the pub.

"It has been really moving to see how many people can relate to mental health in our community.

“All I wanted to do at the beginning was to help raise awareness and to raise that amount of money was exceptional, I never imagined getting anywhere near that and I am delighted it will be used to help support others.

Lewis has thanked everyone who took part in the walk and those who sponsored him.

Michelle Grana, team lead for gateway services at SamH, said: "Lewis did a fantastic job and we were amazed at the amount he raised.

"It will be used to help broaden the opportunities for the people we support.

"We can't thank Lewis enough for everything he has done."