COUNCILLORS have agreed to formally ask further education bosses to rename the West College Scotland Greenock campus after James Watt.

The motion to bring back the name was put forward by Councillor Ciano Rebecchi at a meeting of the education and communities committee.

This comes after Glasgow University renamed its school of engineering after Watt to mark the 200th anniversary of his death.

When WCS was created in 2013 in a three-way merger the James Watt College name vanished.

Councillor Rebecchi, speaking after the meeting, said: "James Watt is a global name, you can't buy that kind of branding.

"I went to China and they had heard of James Watt.

"He started the industrial revolution, people know that name all over the world.

"Not everyone has the James Watt legacy and we are lucky to have it.

"I am encouraged that the motion was passed but we need to keep our foot on the accelerator."

A second part of the motion which was agreed asked for a report on all courses currently available at WCS in Greenock and those which had been withdrawn or moved to Paisley or Clydebank.

Councillor Rebecchi penned the motion after joining the Save Our College campaign, formed in the wake of concerns about the institution's future.

Councillor Christopher McEleny said that while the sentiment of the Watt name important, he was equally keen to ensure that its educational outcomes and opportunities were being maximised.

He said: "We need good quality technical courses to re-industrialise and regenerate Inverclyde and attract quality employers.

"We need good quality training opportunities within Inverclyde."

Councillor Lynne Quinn also backed the motion.

She said: "The James Watt name is important.

"It is about our identity and staff and students still locally refer to the college as James Watt."