RESIDENTS with visual impairments are suffering in silence trying to cross one of Inverclyde's busiest roads.

Campaigning councillor Ciano Rebecchi is calling for action from transport bosses to switch on audible signals at the busy A78 Inverkip Road junction with Cumberland Road.

The familiar beeping noise which activates with the green man is absent from the crossings.

Cll Rebecchi, who represents Inverclyde south west, said: "I have been asked to step in and I will be asking TranServ to do something about it.

"I have residents who are struggling to cross the road because there is no warning signal to tell them when to cross.

"I am worried about their safety.

"We have to do something.

"This is a busy, busy road and the pedestrian lights are vital."

Scotland TranServ, the agency responsible for the maintenance on the major trunk road insists it is not at fault.

They say the audible signal system, which would automatically be turned off or lowered after 10pm, is unsuitable for the traffic light system on the A78.

A Scotland TranServ spokesperson said: “This junction has a number of crossings nearby and it would potentially be a risk to visually impaired pedestrians to have audible signals within such close proximity of each other."

They say that residents could benefit from the introduction of a new automated technology system, accessed using a mobile app, which has been introduced in neighbouring Largs.

The spokesman added: "Scotland TranServ is pioneering the introduction of Neatebox Bluetooth activated crossings at numerous sites across our network to improve accessibility for those with visual and mobility impairments.”