A MYSTERY donor has stepped in to help a Port Glasgow family living in fear of a 180-year-old 'danger' tree.

Kathleen Orr recently made an appeal to landlords River Clyde Homes to step in after large branches fell down from the 40-year-old Oak and smashed into her wall.

She was terrified the whole tree would eventually crash into her home but housing bosses insisted that it was safe and told Kathleen it was up to her to cut it back

Now a Tele reader has come to the rescue, arranging for tree surgeons to visit the property.

They inspected and condemned the tree and are about to begin emergency work to make it safe.

Kathleen, of Northfield Avenue, said: "I couldn't believe it when there was a chap at the door and it was a company who had been sent up by a mystery donor to sort it out after reading about it in the Tele.

"I can't thank the person enough for this.

"It is a such a lovely gesture.

"The guys said the tree was dangerous and it was a disgrace that it had been left like that.

"They said it would have cost me thousands of pounds to get it cut back - that is money I don't have.

"We will be celebrating when it is cut back and so will all my neighbours.

"Our houses and cars will be safe."

Kathleen has led a high profile campaign, supported by the Tele, to put defibrillators in public places in memory of her son Jayden, who tragically died two years ago after collapsing at ice skating practice.

Since then the family has raised thousands of pounds in his name, funding lifesaving defibs across Inverclyde and campaigning for a change in the law.