A MAN with no licence tore along pavements in a motorcycle and forced frightened pedestrians to jump into gardens to avoid being struck.

Jordan Swan also drove across a football pitch where children were playing and repeatedly failed to give way at a series of road junctions as police pursued him.

The 21-year-old was only caught after his dirt bike began to lose power and he was forced to try to flee on foot during a prolonged chase between Larkfield and Gourock.

Procurator fiscal Ziad Ul Hassan told the sheriff court: "Police observed the accused travelling towards them and officers stopped and shouted for him to stop, with their arms raised.

"The accused mounted a footpath and accelerated heavily, so much so that members of the public had no option but to go into gardens to avoid being struck.

"Officers were concerned about the risk posed to the public as the speed that the accused was travelling at was excessive, and they called for assistance."

Mr Ul Hassan added: "Throughout the pursuit the accused failed to give way at junctions.

"He continued to a wooded area and travelled through a small football pitch where a number of children were playing.

"The pursuit went on for some time."

Swan committed the offences on July 27 last year at Nairn Road, Berwick Road, Fife Road and York Road in Larkfield, as well as on Drumshantie Road and Craigmuschat Road in Gourock.

The bike was unregistered and he rode it without a licence or insurance.

In a separate offence in May, lout Swan shouted and swore at his mother, called her a 'cow' and demanded money from her.

He also kicked the front door of her house on Regent Street so hard that the mortice lock was bent.

Prosecutor Mr Ul Hassan said: "The abuse continued for approximately five minutes."

Defence lawyer Ellen Macdonald said: "His mother was managing his money for him and an argument developed."

Sheriff Paul Reid fined Swan, of West Blackhall Street, a total of £850 across the offences.

He also banned him from the roads for a year and placed him under supervision for the same period.