A PORT tot who is undergoing diagnosis for autism has been left heartbroken after losing his comfort teddy bear.

Little Luka Coll takes his beloved 'Bun Bun' teddy everywhere with him.

But the two-year-old's favourite blue bear went missing on Saturday and Luca has been lost without it ever since.

His mum Natalie Glancy, of Marloch Avenue, has reported his toy missing to the police lost and found property desk and is now appealing for everyone to keep an eye out for it.

Natalie, 24, said: "Luka is undergoing diagnosis for autism.

"He has had Bun Bun since he was one month old - he relies on it every day.

"He takes it everywhere with him, it goes on holiday, it goes in the bath and to bed - it's with him every single day.

"Luka needs Bun Bun to get to sleep so it's been really hard trying to get him to sleep at night.

"He has a wee blanket that came with the toy but it's just not the same."

Natalie says staff at Rainbow Family Centre where Luka attends have noticed a difference in him since he lost his teddy.

She said: "They said he was so unsettled.

"He relies on it to get through the day."

Natalie, who works in the Royal Bank of Scotland Mortgage Centre in Greenock, says Luka lost his teddy somewhere between Boglestone Community Centre, where he had been at soft play, and Marloch Avenue on Saturday between 3pm and 4pm.

She said: "The staff at Boglestone have checked the CCTV.

"We've also put appeals out on Facebook which have been shared nearly 200 times but obviously not everyone has Facebook so I hope an appeal in the Tele will help.

"I've been out looking everywhere, even in bushes but we can't find it."

Natalie said she bought Luka another teddy but that hasn't helped.

She said: "He saw me looking through photos of Bun Bun and he got really upset.

"I got him another one but it's not the same."

Anyone who can reunite Luka with his favourite toy is asked to contact Natalie on 07932360592, email nataliemccorkell@ymail.com or contact her via Facebook.