A GREENOCK schoolboy who made Radio Clyde presenters laugh won a luxury VIP bus ride to school with his friends.

Jack Chalmers and 15 of his friends were so excited to get a ride to Moorfoot Primary in a special 'bonkers bus' after he won the station's Kool Ride to School competition.

The brave eight-year-old went on the breakfast show and entertained presenters George Bowie and Cassi Gillespie with a joke before being announced as the winner.

Mum Laura McIntosh, 29, said: “We got a call to let us know when he would be on and Jack was up from 7am practising his joke - even though he wasn’t on until around 8.30am!

“He was a wee bit nervous but he sounded great and we were really proud of him.

“He told his joke and made them laugh and was entered into the draw to win.

"When we got the call to say he 'd won we couldn’t believe it.

"I was so excited for him.”

Jack was joined on the bus by little brother David McIntosh, three, who attends the nursery at Moorfoot and cousins Louie McGilp, who is in primary one, and his sister Glorie, who is three.

Jack's winning joke was: 'Who is the coolest guy in the hospital? The ultrasound guy. Who is the coolest guy in the hospital when the ultrasound guy is on holiday? The hip replacement guy.'

The organised youngster had already thought about the prize and selected the friends he would take with him if he won.

As well as a ride in the black edition bonkers bus, Jack also won a party at Flip Out in Glasgow for him and 10 friends.

Laura said: “All his friends were over the moon, it was a shame that he could only pick 15.

“Loads of people heard him on the radio and were delighted for him.

"When we got to the school that day the janitor warned us that he was very popular and loads of people had heard.

“The party at Flip Out was an added bonus we didn’t expect.

"He really didn’t think he would win so he was over the moon.

“The bus has a rock star theme and all the children had a blast on the way to school.”