A MAN who threw a hat at his ex-partner during a bust-up in a supermarket car park has been jailed.

Gary Kelly, 30, pleaded guilty to engaging in a stand-up fight at Greenock Tesco with former co-accused Carol Berry.

The pair were spotted squabbling over money before they started wrestling over a bag Miss Berry had.

Kelly — who was due to be released on November 5 from a five-month sentence for other offences — has had a further three months added to his jail time.

His lawyer, Aidan Gallagher, told Greenock Sheriff Court: "Parties are former partners.

"His position is that she had his benefits money and there was a reluctance on her part and there was an argument.

"The verbal argument became physical as a result, he says, of a punch being thrown at him."

Mr Gallagher added: "He does not seek to apportion blame."

Miss Berry's not guilty plea to fighting with Kelly, of the Inverclyde Centre, was accepted.

Prosecutor Lindy Scaife said: "The accused and his former co-accused came to the attention of a security guard at around 3pm due to an argument they were having as they walked out of the front door.

"The argument then turned physical, with the accused grabbing the bag of his former co-accused and swinging it until she fell to the ground.

"He threw a hat towards her and she retaliated by throwing a jumper at him."

Fiscal depute Ms Scaife added: "The accused stated later to police, 'Is this about Tesco? She took £20 off me'."

The Telegraph told last December how a drug-fuelled Kelly threatened to 'smash up' Inverclyde Royal Hospital during a disturbance there.

He committed the supermarket offence on August 2.

Sheriff Daniel Kelly told him: "In light of your record, custody is the only appropriate option."