MORTON season ticket sales have fallen by a third with the club now more expensive to watch than some Scottish Premiership sides.

The annual 'cost of the game' national study by the BBC has revealed how much fans pay for everything from entry to matches to the cost of a traditional half-time pie and cup of tea.

Over 1,000 Cappielow season tickets were sold for the 2018/19 league charge and this has declined to 667 for the current campaign - down by a third.

The cost of a season card has gone up by almost £100 from the £199 early bird special offer 12 months ago - the full post-offer price was £280 - to £295 this year.

It means Morton are listed as second most expensive in the league table for cheapest season ticket in the Championship, just behind Dundee where the cheapest like-for-like ticket is £340.

According to the study, it is also dearer to watch the Ton than Premiership sides Ross County - at £250 for a season book - and Renfrewshire rivals St Mirren - £240.

Morton have had two home league games so far this season with 1,600 watching the 4-1 win over Alloa on August 10 and 2,200 attending the Friday night televised win over Partick Thistle.

Cappielow bosses have defended their pricing strategy, saying the 2018 discount was not financially viable.

Chief executive Dave MacKinnon said: "Last season there was a major reduction in the cost of season ticket prices, which was unsustainable, and it reverted back to a level the club felt would both encourage supporters to come but also with the message that the club would look to be self-sustaining, self-financing.

"In order to do that, we had to set that figure.

"The fans who supported it last year saw that it was a good offer - around £11 a game - and now it's £16 a game as opposed to the £20 'walk up' price and that represents an 18 per cent discount.

"You cannot sustain a 48-50 per cent discount so it was tried and from a financial perspective it didn't work."

Morton is mid-table in the Championship for 'pay at the gate' entry at £20 - the same price for the comparative cheapest single matchday ticket at Premiership side Motherwell and £1 less than Hearts.

There is a flat rate for all Cappielow season and matchday tickets as opposed to sliding scales at a lot of other clubs.

MacKinnon said: "It's clear there are other figures in there showing it's far more expensive to watch the teams mentioned than Morton Football Club.

"If we did average prices I think we'd come out very well in that."

The Greenock side stand out as being one of four clubs in the division to offer free season books for under-12s and they are one of two allowing free single match tickets for the same age group.

Mr MacKinnon said: "If you take it in the round, we're trying to attract young fans in and we will continue to do that and the BBC report did support that and said Morton have made great efforts in doing that."

The club is also joint-cheapest in the Championship for a cup of tea and a pie - along with Alloa, Arbroath and Queen of the South - at a combined cost of £3.

Mackinnon said: "There's a lot of positives going on.

"Part of the bigger picture and part of the plans is about moving things forward and trying to be the best we can but also at the same time listening very clearly to what the fans say, which is hugely important.

"We commend the fans for their support because without them there's no club."