A HOMEOWNER is demanding that roads bosses reinstate his driveway after his property was soaked by floodwater.

Stephen Mills, 55, who lives in the bottom flat in a property called Dunavertie in Wemyss Bay, has been battling with TranServ since he moved in a year ago.

Mr Mills says his driveway has been eroded because drains at the entrance were covered over when the A78 was resurfaced, but roads chiefs blame poor drainage at a nearby development site.

Stephen said: "It's been an ongoing problem, the road has overflowing gulleys.

"Then there were two gulleys at the entrance to the driveway and they were full of tar.

"I asked TranServ to clear them out and they said they couldn't, they needed a specialist team."

Mr Mills says the dispute is turning into 'a saga'.

He said: "When it floods outside, cars come through the floodwater and it splashes over my garden wall onto my car and driveway and pedestrians get soaked as well."

His garden is sodden as a result of the problem.

He said: "The more water that flows into the driveway, the more unstable the ground will become."

Mr Mills has also highlighted a drain under the railway bridge which he says is frequently blocked and becomes flooded.

The dad is concerned it will cause a serious accident.

He said: "There are cars coming round a blind bend under the railway bridge and they could swerve to avoid the flooding and collide head on.

"Everytime a truck or lorry drives past, they create waves of floodwater.

"It is even eroding the pointing on my house and on the railway bridge."

Mr Mills, who served in the the police force for 35 years, says he is being passed from pillar to post between Scotland TranServ, Scottish Water and the owners of the former Wemyss Bay Hotel site which is currently being developed for a new Co-op.

He said: "TranServ have asked me to stop contacting them, they say its an act of God coming from the sky - I'm saying it's the drains.

"They are making me out to be a Victor Meldrew.

"I just want drains to be cleared as some sort of planned maintenance.

"This is the main A78 trunk road, it's not just some side road."

A spokesman for Scotland TranServ said:“We have been urging the developer of the former Wemyss Bay Hotel site to address their issues with flood water coming from their site onto the A78 trunk road.

“We have ensured that our drainage system in the area is running clear, however due to the volumes of water from the site it has been necessary for Scotland TranServ to deploy a vactor suction unit. "We have also issued sandbags to affected residents to help them protect their properties from floodwater being washed onto their driveways and gardens.

“Scotland TranServ will continue to keep customers updated on our progress with the developer as we work to rectify this flooding issue.”