A BAG-snatching street robber who attacked an 81-year-old woman and left her with a brain bleed is flouting a strict supervised release order — because he doesn't want to leave his house.

Sean Hill was told he must take part in a stringent drug rehab programme and attend supervision sessions with social workers as conditions of his liberty after serving ten months in prison.

But his lawyer says the 26-year-old thug — who has declared that he has found God in the wake of his terrible crime — has become a 'hermit' and wants to be placed on an electronic tag instead.

Solicitor Andrew Kennedy told Greenock Sheriff Court: "The release order is not going well.

"He has difficulty being anywhere with a large number of people."

Hill, who lived on Greenock's Finch Road at the time of the attack, snatched the elderly retired doctor's handbag with such force that she fell backwards and cracked her skull on the street.

He was sentenced to 20 months imprisonment for the shocking assault and robbery, which occurred at the junction of Auchneagh Road and Old Inverkip Road in May last year.

Hill was let out in March after serving half his jail term and was placed on the release order which is due to run until December, but is failing to adhere to it.

When he jailed him and imposed the supervision requirement, Sheriff Andrew McIntyre told Hill: "The social work department says that drug use is at the root of the problem, and if that is not addressed the risk would be higher."

Solicitor Mr Kennedy told a review hearing that his client wants to be placed on a home curfew, stating: "Mr Hill previously complied with an electronic tag.

"He attends his local church and has got considerable solace from that.

"He has not, to my knowledge, reoffended."

The court heard previously how Hill followed his victim from a bus in Greenock after eyeing up her red leather handbag, then ran at her from behind — leaving her helpless on the ground as he sprinted off.

Hill pounced on her in broad daylight as she was making her way home from a trip to buy a birthday card for her husband.

Sheriff Linda Smith continued consideration of the release order and called for a further background report on Hill.

The matter is due to call again on September 30.