CHILDREN opened a new chapter in their education with a visit to Port Glasgow Library.

Primary five pupils from St Francis' Primary were taking part in the 'Let's Talk About Books' event.

Craig Miller, library supervisor at Port Glasgow, says the idea is to get kids interested in reading and encourage more of them to use their library.

He said: "It's fantastic to get the kids to the library.

"It encourages them to read and lets them see what the library is all about.

"It also gets them talking about books."

Nine-year-old Anna O'Donoghue loved her visit to the library.

She said: "I really enjoy reading, my favourite book is Harry Potter.

"I just like how many pages it has and how entertaining it is."

Fellow pupil Charlie Tracey also enjoyed the visit.

The eight-year-old said: "I really like Roald Dahl books, my favourite is Matilda."

Class teacher Louise Jamieson said the visit to the library fired the imagination.

She said: "For a few kids, this is the first time they've been in the library so hopefully this will start a lifelong affinity with the library.

"The visit is to encourage children to talk more about books and reading and to try and get them more excited about it.

"It's so important to encourage the children to read as it doesn't just help with their language, it helps with everything.

"If they can have that understanding with language it will also help them with maths and also jobs for the future."