A DESPERATE young woman is today begging the NHS to give her the treatment she desperately needs after another attempt to take her own life.

Seriously ill Alex Hannah, 23, stepped out in front of a train in Greenock on Friday night but miraculously escaped with a dislocated shoulder and back injuries.

She told the Tele that she felt like she had no other option as she struggles to cope with depression, bipolar and anxiety.

Despite attempting to take her own life she was still discharged days later from the Langhill psychiatric care unit without any promises of proper care.

Student Alex says she was pleading with medical staff for help until police officers stepped in to save her life by keeping her safe.

Alex, who is studying psychology and law, said: "If I don't get the help I need I don't think I will make it to Christmas.

"When I said to my psychiatrist that was going to be what happened, she said it is my choice.

"I have no choice and I have no future.

"I was on the floor begging them for the care package I need.

"When has anyone ever wanted to stay in a psychiatric unit."

Three days after deliberately stepping out in front of the train at Cartsdyke Alex was discharged even though she didn't want to leave hospital.

Alex added: "There was a six hour stand off at Langhill.

"I was in agony because of my injuries from the train, my neck was sore and when they restrained me I was screaming in pain.

"I was in the back of the police car.

"The officers were lovely to me.

"They told hospital staff that they couldn't let me go because I was a risk to my own safety.

"If it wasn't for those two police officers I wouldn't be here today.

"They said that if they couldn't ensure my safety they would have to arrest me so they could put me in the cell for the night and I wouldn't come to any harm.

"They stayed with me for hours until we could get my sister.

"I wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for them."

Alex has suffered from severe mental health illnesses for nearly ten years.

She was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder aged six and suffered from bullying at school.

In recent years she has found herself on occasions caught up in the justice system.

But her supportive family say she was given the care she needed until she moved from child and adolescent to adult services.

The Tele highlighted her situation in January this year, when her mum warned that her daughter would take her own life unless she was given the treatment she needed.

Alex believes that the mental health services at Crown House and Langhill are failing her.

Alex, from Greenock, added: "They gave me medication for eight weeks but then they took me off the only thing keeping me stable.

"The psychiatrist said it wasn't making any difference.

"I don't think they like me because I challenge them on my diagnosis.

"I want a future but I don't know if I can keep fighting.

"My mum, dad and sister are so supportive but they don't know what to do any more.

"They worry all the time.

"I go into this dark place when I feel suicidal.

"I hide away from everyone and then ending it all seems the only way out.

"My GP is supportive and I have had three independent reports to say that I have bipolar, anxiety, clinical depression and post traumatic stress.

"I have been to my local MP, lawyers and even Jeremy Corbyn but no one seems able to help and there is nowhere else left to go."

The Telegraph put Alex's case to NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde who directed us to Inverclyde health and social care partnership for a response.

A spokesman for the HSCP said: "We are sorry to hear the patient is unhappy with her care.

"We are unable to comment on an individual’s care, however any concerns about care can be directly raised with the service.

"In addition, any reports of concern for a person’s welfare are followed up by the service."