A LITTLE boy diagnosed with a fatal genetic disease has reached a major milestone thanks to new drug treatment.

Michael and Nicola Rankin's son Michael, six, was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy last year after a series of tests.

The diagnosis of the life-limiting muscle-wasting condition was devastating for his family.

His parents had initially thought their little boy was a slow developer as he struggled with his speech, was unable to jump and struggled to run quickly.

Now the youngster is on steroids which Nicola says have made a huge difference to his life.

He is now able to jump, to the delight of his mum and dad.

Nicola said: "The steroids are working really well.

"Michael isn't tired the way he used to be and he can jump, which he wasn't able to do before.

"We are trying to cope with some of the side effects including weight gain and behavioural troubles, but we have a great team helping us get through."

Michael and Nicola both grew up in Greenock but moved to Prestonpans around two years ago.

Nicola says Greenock still feels like home and she is grateful for all the support she has received locally.

The family recently visited the town to accept a donation and thank the people who raised it for their support.

A group of friends and regulars from The Hole in the Wa' pub raised £300 which they handed over to the family.

Every year the group organise a bowling match, with the proceeds being split between two different people or charities.

The Hole in the Wa’ sponsor the event, which was organised by Marty Callender and John O’Rourke.

Nicola, Michael and their sons Michael and Max met bar manager Mary Grierson and John and Marty to accept the donation and thank them for all their support.

Nicola said: “We feel really grateful that we are thought of when people are raising money in Greenock.

"It still feels like home and we can’t thank people enough.

“The money will be put into Michael's fund, which is used for whatever he needs.”