A CAMPAIGN group fighting to reclaim a local beauty spot say they want to turn it into a top local visitor attraction.

The Friends of Cove Reservoir are working to protect the long-neglected nature reserve near the Inverclyde Royal Hospital.

In recent years it has been plagued by anti-social behaviour and also used as a dumping ground for commercial garden waste by criminal fly-tippers.

But now the tide is turning thanks to the volunteers, who stepped up their campaign by taking it to the heart of town, using a pop up shop in Gourock to put Coves back on the map.

The eco-group want to ensure that the land - which is also home to the historic Second World War heavy anti-aircraft battery defences - is protected and used properly.

The team, who also recently took part in the Inverclyde Stride charity event in a bid to turn the spotlight on the site, set up shop in the McGilp's pop-up in Gourock to promote their message.

Members of the public were quick to show their support for the activists, who now have plans to install facilities at the site so they can carry out work there.

Volunteer Marie Stonehouse said: "We got a great response from people at the pop-up shop.

"Everyone was very interested in what we are trying to achieve.

"Inverclyde Stride was a big success as well and we raised some money too.

"We have set up the group and were recently awarded a grant from the council for equipment.

"Now we need to raise money to get storage in place."

The group of volunteers recently held a community litter pick at the reservoir as they step up their conservation work and work to realise its full potential.

Marie said: "Cove Reservoir has an amazing biodiversity.

"I don't think people realise what potential they have on their doorstep."