A CONVICTED robber who failed to do unpaid work for an attack on a woman despite being granted a time extension may now have to complete it as a 'full-time job' — or be jailed.

Shawn Gallacher, 27, was given a 250-hour community payback order instead of prison for assaulting the female nearly two-and-a-half years ago.

But Gallacher — who has been jailed on no fewer than 15 previous occasions — has repeatedly failed to make progress with the court directive since being allowed more time in April.

Now Sheriff Andrew McIntyre has called a hearing to 'find out exactly what's been happening' after being told that Gallacher has had requests for full days of work turned down.

Gallacher violently robbed the woman at Greenock's Custom House Way in May 2017.

He pulled her by the legs from a wall she was sitting on, then forced her arm up her back and took £80 in cash.

An independent eyewitness told a jury trial: "Her arm was so far up her back that she released the money and this man took it from her and ran."

Gallacher's lawyer told the latest calling of the case: "He has been asking to get onto full days, but this is not completely up to him as it is up to the management."

Sheriff McIntyre responded: "I'm very unhappy about his progress in general.

"I've read through the whole history of the case, and the unpaid work element is unimpressive on any view."

The sheriff rejected a request for a further time extension.

He said: "I'm only prepared to entertain the unpaid work if it is undertaken as a full-time job.

"I would like to hear from the supervising officer with regard to that.

"This case has gone on far too long and I want to find out exactly what's been happening since April.

"A few hours a week will not do.

"I want to find out if there is some kind of full-time placement that can be implemented.

"I've read about a case where an offender worked four days a week and the hours were completed very quickly indeed."

Gallacher, of MacBeth Road in Greenock, is due back in court on September 25.