GREENOCK'S historic town hall has been preserved for another 80 years after a new wooden floor was fitted.

The £125,000 project took six weeks to complete, with the main hall and saloon flooring being ripped up and replaced with Canadian maple.

Last weekend the first newlyweds to hold their reception since the makeover got a chance to try it out with their first dance.

Ian Dyer, operations manager for community facilities with Inverclyde Leisure, said: "This is a massive investment made by Inverclyde Council to maintain one of our most important civic buildings."

The Telegraph went along while work was under way and was shown several items that workers found underneath the floorboards, including old newspapers dating back to June 6 in 1944, D-Day.

They also discovered an old council wage slip showing that an employee had worked 43 hours for £10 and a £1 bonus.

Also recovered from underneath the floorboards were a series of different brands of cigarette packets.

Ian says the pay slip has been handed over to a relative of the council workman.

The remaining items have been put back under the floor along with a copy of the Telegraph featuring the story for posterity.

Ian said: "Looking by the items we found under the floor, the previous floor could have been replaced in the 1940s.

"I would like to think this floor could last another 80 years."

The original floor of the A-listed building, which dates back to 1865, was pitched pine but officials believe this was replaced with Canadian maple before the 1950s.

The floor has been given no fewer than four coats of varnish to protect it while the walls of both rooms have also been repainted.

Ian said: "It's an excellent job and the hall is here for everybody to enjoy.

"The town hall is a focal point for the area and you still get impressed by it when you walk in."