A FOUL-mouthed Greenock primary school staffer is facing demands for her sacking over a drunken torrent of vile and disgusting abuse — during which she repeatedly shouted: "I hope your weans die!"

The appalling behaviour by Aileymill special needs assistant Josephine Gallagher was filmed by a witness, with the footage viewed more than 40,000 times on Facebook before it was taken down.

Gallagher is seen on the mobile phone video standing outside Cheers bar on West Stewart Street yelling abhorrent insults at people during an alcohol-fuelled rage.

One appalled parent who contacted the Tele said: "This woman should never be allowed anywhere near our youngest and most vulnerable members of society.

"He words are disgusting.

"She shouldn't even be given charge of a dog, never mind our kids."

In her prolonged street rant in front of Cheers landlord Ian Ellis, Gallagher shouts at one man: "I hope your wife dies of...and your weans drop dead."

She then continues to angrily spit a plethora of unprintable language towards the bystander and others.

Later in the video, Gallagher says: "Do you want me to bring the tape recorder out cos you only heard one side."

She adds: "I won't have a job? I've not done anything.

"I'm not an embarrassment — he's threatening my job."

She then asks the pub owner: "Your guy put me out here for no reason. Tell me why I'm barred."

Gallagher then states: "Your bouncers hate me, they just don't like me. That's why they're not letting me in."

Appalled onlookers are heard in the background commenting on her position of trust as a member of the Aileymill Primary School staff.

The parent who got in touch with us said: "Around 43,000 people have viewed this despicable excuse of a woman and her potty, nasty, vile mouth.

"She needs stopped from entering any primary school and being around any child — period."

Gallagher was still listed among the school's staff on Inverclyde Council's website yesterday, with her position described as a 'special needs assistant'.

But it appears that she will now be subject to disciplinary action.

A council spokesperson said: "We don't comment on matters involving individual members of staff.

"However, the council's code of conduct states that, 'Employees should remember that they are public officials and that misconduct or activities outside work, may have a bearing on their employment with the council'.

"The council has processes in place to investigate and take action on matters such as this."