AN employee was rushed to hospital after she was allegedly stabbed while at work at a Greenock housing association office.

The shocking attack happened at around 11.30am yesterday morning at the River Clyde Homes office in Clyde Square.

Onlookers told the Telegraph that they heard 'a woman scream' before police and paramedics arrived at the scene.

The victim was rushed to hospital where she is receiving treatment while the housing association immediately closed their two public offices.

A spokesperson from River Clyde Homes said yesterday afternoon: "We can confirm that an incident took place at our offices in Greenock and an employee is in hospital receiving treatment.

"Our priority is ensuring the full recovery of our colleague and supporting the safety of all of our staff and customers.

“We are currently working with the police to support their investigation and would encourage anyone with any information to come forward and speak to the police.

“As a precaution and to support our front facing colleagues, our two public offices in Greenock town centre and in Broomhill were closed.

“Any customers wishing to contact our service should get in touch with us at our headquarters in Roxburgh House.”

One woman, who was sitting in Clyde Square at the time, told the Tele how she heard the victim's screams.

She said: "I had decided to sit on a bench for a wee while before going for lunch.

"The door of the office opened and that's when I heard a female screaming and there was a quite a commotion.

"Somebody said that a worker had been stabbed and the police arrived very quickly."

The woman added: "It's shocking this could happen at 11.30am on a Monday morning

"It makes me feel scared to go out in the town during the day.

"It's horrible when you see things like this - it makes you really sad."

Councillor Robert Moran passed through Clyde Square just after the attack took place.

He said he is concerned about the level of knife crime in the area following the murder of Christopher Nicol, 27, who was stabbed to death within a property in Maple Road on Thursday evening.

Councillor Moran said: "After the incident on Thursday and now this, we need to get grip.

"I will put it to the Scottish Government and the police that we need to get together and deal with this problem because it will only get worse if we don't.

"It's unacceptable."

A man was seen being taken away by the police and later arrested and charged.